About Me

Hi. I’m Linda, a writer who lives in British Columbia. I have a first class honours degree in biology as well as a professional teacher’s certificate from the province of British Columbia. I have many years of experience in teaching high school biology, science, and other subjects. I specialize in writing articles about life sciences and nature but also write about other topics, including the beautiful part of Canada where I live.

I have a biology and nature blog and a blog about the biological basis of health. In addition, I write at HubPages and its niche sites. All of my posts on BC Write are related to British Columbia in some way. Within this larger theme, they focus on the topics that most interest me: nature, biology news from local institutions, art and design, music, literature, and observations made during my walks.

Many of my articles and posts are inspired by my walks. My dog often accompanies me on my trips. I always have a camera with me when I leave my home and enjoy taking photographs.

The photo of my golden retriever and me that you may notice in various places on this site was taken by my sister. It represents me in several places online. Sam had just been for a long and enjoyable swim, which is why he has a ruffled coat

I’ve had some much-loved pets over the years, including dogs, cats, and birds. My family’s current pets include two dogs and three cats: a Labrador retriever, a Leonberger, two ragdolls, and a rescue cat.